JW Pharmlab


We are seeking highly motivated individuals to fill the following positions. Please submit your resume to hr@jwpharmlab.com

Synthetic Organic Chemist
The chemist is responsible for process research and development as well as scale-up of synthetic intermediates for drug discovery research. The work requires use of a wide range of synthetic methods on a gram to kilogram scale. The candidate requires a PhD degree in organic chemistry. He or she will need to demonstrate a strong background in organic chemistry and modern analytical techniques.

Chemistry Lab Assistant
The Lab Assistant is responsible for performing a wide variety of research and/or development laboratory tasks. He/She will maintain lab equipment and supplies. Responsibilities & Duties:
(1) Maintaining inventory of laboratory supplies including ordering and preparation of media and reagents.
(2) Cleaning and storing laboratory glassware and supplies, as needed.
(3) Facilities and housekeeping maintenance responsibilities as needed.
(4) Packing and shipping, as needed.
(5) Providing general assistance to all scientific staff, covering of all labs.