Custom Organic Synthesis

For the past 18 years, J&W Pharmlab has delivered thousands of synthetic products requested by customers. The projects range from milligram to kilogram scale including many 20+ step syntheses. Our R&D labs coupled with scale up expertise and pilot plants (cGMP and non cGMP) can provide any tailored service to meet your demands at the scale you require. Since 2002 we have carried out multiple complex chiral synthesis projects and delivered them on time.  

  • Established track record of IP protection
  • Multi-step synthesis from mg to multi-kg for non-commercially available compounds
  • Significant expertise in development of synthetic routes for complex synthesis
  • Specialize in chiral synthesis
  • Weekly updates on project progress
  • Excellent prompt delivery record
  • In-house quality control: Certificate of Analysis provided for each product
  • Competitive pricing
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