Contract Research

J&W Pharmlab offers a cost-effective Full-Time Equivalent(FTE) business model. Using this method clients “rent” our scientists as an extension of their lab.  This gives clients the flexibility to accommodate changing project priorities, shorten lead times and the security of working with a long-term dedicated project team. By frequently communicating with our clients, our project team is able to work more efficiently and shorten turn around time.

  • Proven track record of FTE service and IP protection
  • Accelerate your R&D endeavors by working together to manage resources
  • Proven productivity by delivering multiple compounds per week
  • Transparent and on time communications during the collaboration
  • Expertise in complex and challenging organic synthesis
  • Faster turnaround time and efficiency due to the consistency of a dedicated team
  • Weekly project reports and progress updates
  • A strict and responsible quality control team
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